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SuperC Technology Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing of Innovative Nano Materials which is founded in May 2012. Based on Few Layer Graphene, SuperC could provide solutions and technical support for various industrial fields, such as lithium ion batteries, fireproof/anti-corrosion coatings, thermal conductivity materials and graphene composite materials etc.

SuperC is located at Dongguan City, Guangdong, P.R. China. Since foundation, it attracted a large number of talents for graphene research and application, and established good and productive relationship with a number of well-known colleges, institues and enterprises,such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Northwest University, Marine Chemical Research Institute(Qingdao), Institute of Aeronautical Material, Ashland, Klein, Cabot, BYK, Kejing, BYD and JEVE etc.

In 2011, SuperC had developed production technique of FLG and hold with completely independent intellectual property rights. The first 10,000-ton FLG slurry production line in the world was built by SuperC in 2012 and passed the ISO quality system authentication in 2013. In 2014, SuperC passed certification by the nation’s greatest lithium ion battery producers and take the lead in opening up graphene industrial applications in the world. Until now, SuperC has applied more than 10 patents and become the world’s largest graphene products supplier for lithium ion batteries and anti-corrosion coatings.

SuperC has continuously pursued excellence both in product technology and customer service. In process technology, SuperC developed advanced fully closed automatic production process. Through selecting high purity raw material, mechanical stripping and online dispersing, the metal impurities are avoided and the powder is easily dispersed in the production process.The realization of this process, SuperC stood on the leading edge of industrialization in graphene applications. In quality control, SuperC always try to acheive meticulous and excellence. To ensure the quality of the product, the key performance indicators of  raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, such as  purity, metal impurities, moisture, viscosity, particle size and electrical conductivity,were analyzed by gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, Karl fisher moisture meter, Rheometer, Laser Particle Size Analyzer and Four-Point Probes .

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