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 Graphene paste for Solvent Based Paintings

Pas3002 is a kind of composite paste with high quality graphene as core active material and organic solvent as dispersant. High purity graphene is well dispersed in the solvent. Pas3002 is applied in various fields for its excellent performances, such as antistatic/conductive paintings, anticorrosive/heavy-duty anticorrosive paintings, heat radiating paintings, enhanced functional paintings. Pas3002 is ideal fillers for various advanced paintings with high performance, multifunction and low cost features.


Graphene Fireproof Composite Material

AFC101 is a kind of fireproof composite material developed by SuperC independently. Graphene is added to the basic formula of intumescent flame-retardant coating. Graphene’s flexible laminal microstructure will be transformed to oxygen barrier to accommodate air when enduring high temperature and expansion. Hence the flammable air and heat are isolated. 

GHF101 Graphene Heating Film


GHF101 is a kind of electric devices that a heating core coating with graphene set between two insulating layers by hot-pressing. Flexible graphene with laminal structure and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which can heating the battery pack fast and spread evenly. It also has good flexibility and long service time.

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